RFC Web Connection
RFC Worldwide Access

Using RFC Web Connection

RFC Web Connection, or "RFC Web", connects you with RFC Auction Systems from anywhere in the world using a web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone, RFC Web allows you to create a valuation or consignment receipt, or even catalog an entire sale at any remote location or storage site. Inventory items created on RFC Web are transferred, or "fetched", back to RFC Auction Systems when you return to the office.

iPad Screenshot

RFC Web Connection on the iPad and iPhone

When using an iPad or iPhone you can photograph and catalog inventory using the built in camera and microphone. While other mobile devices may also be used, RFC Web is designed specifically for IOS.

iPad Screenshot
iPhone Screenshot

Here is a brief demonstration using those features on the iPad: (Click to play)

Notice that when you dictate a description, you can speak the phrase "Estimate 200 to 300, reserve 150", for example, and when you save your entry the information is allocated into the estimate and reserve fields.

Receipt/Contract Details

The name of the owner or consignor, along with consigiment terms and notes, can be entered for each receipt. When fetching a new receipt back to your office system, RFC will attempt to match the owner on the email address entered as "Email PDF To:", or alternatively the last name, first name. The email address is also used to send a formatted email to the owner/consignor, who can then immediately return an email confirmation of your receipt.

Receipt Details

Email Receipt Confirmation

This email is formatted to allow your client to quickly email back confirmation of your receipt.

Email Receipt

RFC Systems Back Office Interface

When returning to the office, this new RFC Systems form is provided to "fetch" RFC Web receipts back to your database. Client names are matched to your existing database, and inventory, contract terms, photographs and cataloging are automatically imported into your office system.

Back Office Interface

Working in Receipts Mode vs. Sale Mode

The default mode of working with RFC Web Connection is "Receipt Mode". This would be used, for example, when visiting a consigment location and all of the items to catalog are going to be on the same receipt (same owner).

Working in "Sale Mode" allows you to jump from one receipt to another and quickly create new receipts as you catalog in the context of a sale. To work in Sale Mode select a sale from Auctions menu and click "List Items". As you create new items, you can either select an owner from the pull down list or create a new owner by clicking the "New" button next to the "Owner:" field. A new receipt will be created automatically for each owner.

Note: To work in Sale Mode you must first create at least one inventory item in Receipt Mode as as planned or lotted for that sale. You may then choose the sale from the Auction menu to continue adding inventory in Sale Mode.

Getting started with RFC Web Connection

Access to RFC Web Connection is provided to individual users so that each user sees only their own RFC Web created inventory. To get started, contact your company's system administrator who will arrange access to RFC Web Connection using your company email address to sign in. Company administrators should email RFC at info@rfcsystems.com or call (617)746-9831 for more information on setting up RFC Web Connection for your company.